Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Time Passages

I take the title from Al Stewart.

Samhain is upon us. Tomorrow night is supposed the night when the veil between worlds is thinnest. I am not sure how this is supposed to be as a date on the calendar. The calendar has been changed so many times it is mind boggling. Currently we are in what is known as the gregorian calendar. It is also called the Western Calendar and the Christian Calendar. [1]

The reason I bring this up is because the timing actually changes with this calendar. It is so inaccurate that we have to add a day to it every four years just to catch up. Even this day is thrown off a bit every so often so that a day has been added or deleted from the calendar every so often in one month or another to just to try and keep it fairly accurate. The current calendar is more or less centered around the spring equinox. The Roman Catholic Church decided that this is the most accurate way to keep tabs on the dates even though the new year starts officially on January 1st. Many pagan folks consider this to be their new year and some choose halloween.

There is a more accurate calendar. This is the lunar calendar. There are thirteen months in the lunar calendar. There are 12 months in the Christian calendar. But there is that pesky thirteenth moon every now and then, The word month comes from moon so the word would be more accurately “Moonth”. The thirteenth moon shows up as what we call a ‘blue moon’.

In the more accurate lunar calendar there are 28 days in a month. The moon is visible for 27 days and dark for 1 day. The moon takes 27.32 days to completely orbit the earth. That is roughly 655 hours and 12 minutes. The moon phases take 29 ½ days which is why they try to average each month in the Current calendar to about 30 days. The anomalistic month, and has an average length of 27.554551 days (27 d 13 h 18 min 33.2 s).This measured by the what is known as the line of the apsides. This is the apogee and the perigee of the moon. and this cycle is perfected every nine years. That is, it slightly off according to the solar calendar is it progressively gains a little bit if distance until it is once again back in the same spot it was nine years ago. This is what is used to predict the eclipses and explains why the eclipses do not fall consistently on the same dates every year. [2]

The reason I bring this up is because of how the moon affects us physiologically [3]and , hence, psychically. When I say psychically I mean mentally, how it affects our brains. Of course it is acceptable to read psychic as meaning telepathy or “clairwhateverness” as these are phenomena of the brain. In the area of majyck or witchcraft this is an important factor to take into consideration when attempting a working of some sort.

These are the reasons I like to stress that one should start keeping a majyckal diary of dreams and workings. The dates are important and information you should include in your majyckal diary would be the moon phases, what astrological sign they are in and how you are feeling that day or at that time. In this way you will be able to establish a pattern which is predictable for you to use for finding your ‘auspicious days’. The biorhythms are fairly accurate and so are astrological correspondence tables but each person is unique and even people who share the same birthdays will discover that their particular cycles are not perfectly in sync.

I would suggest learning to keep the majyckal diary dated according to lunar calendar while also keeping the gregorian dates for easier reference. The most well known lunar new year is that of the Chinese calendar. It would be difficult to designate the year “one” as the calendars have changed so often and there is no real way to determine that other than the arbitrary dates already set in various traditions. For majyckal reasons of date keeping I would set the year one to be the year of your birth and the first day of the new year to be your birthday. Solipsistically speaking time and space began on the day you were born and they will end on the day that you die. Solipsism is of course a fatal error, but for all intents and purposes when keeping an accurate diary of the phases of your life it would in actuality be more accurate than any other calendar you could go by. Here is a Chinese age calendar you can use to determine your age according to the lunar calendar.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Lucid dreaming and Majyckal Ritual

When you are aware that you are dreaming it is called a lucid dream. 

This is so much fun when you can induce it on purpose. It is a hobby of mine. Unfortunately it is worse than a sedentary hobby in the sense that you need to sleep in order to accomplish anything. The other drawback is that you have nothing to show for it other than the memory of the adventure.

However, I have become convinced that all the majyck one performs on the material plane gets faster more tangible results if performed “there”. This is a secret I have never seen expounded on anywhere. I have used it to good effect but it is not all that easy.

 There are many things that need to be taken into consideration.

The moon is the biggest factor. For many it seems to work with the phases of the moon. The pattern if fairly tried and true. I assert, however, that there is another lunar factor to consider and that is apogee and perigee. Another thing to take into consideration are solar flares. I discovered all this through trial and error.

You should start a diary if you don’t have one already. One that you set aside specifically for dreaming. You will discover your own pattern. What I discovered is that sometimes it occurred during the full moon and sometimes they occurred during the new moon and as time went by it changed also to waxing and sometimes to waning. It would happen when the moon was half full.

I have been told I was fortunate that I could dream at will, but this is not the truth. Well, it is somewhat, but I got curious as to why the times were changing on me and what I found out was that it followed the paths of the apogee and perigee of the moon. “The apogee and perigee of the moon have an effect on the tides here on Earth. When the moon is at apogee, the farthest distance from the Earth, it has less gravitational pull which, along with other factors that influence the tides, can contribute to lower tides or lower variation in the high/low tide level. When the moon is at perigee, closer to the Earth, there is much more gravitational pull which contributes to the opposite effect: higher tides or greater variation in the high and low tide.[1]

We are mostly made of water, believe it or not. Our brains are literally floating in water. As a result of this the moon can affect our brain functions. I often can feel it and sometimes it is very uncomfortable usually resulting in a very restless night. The tides of the earth are affected by the pull of the moon as it moves around the earth. As for the Brain fluid it has nothing to do with which side of our head the moon is on but rather its proximity. [2]

Another thing one should consider and keep tabs on are the solar flares and sunspot activity.
 “ Solar flares affect the Central Nervous System (stomach lining), all brain activity (including equilibrium), along with human behaviour and all psycho-physiological (mental-emotional-physical) response.  Solar flares can cause us to be nervous, anxiousness, worrisome, jittery, dizzy, shaky, irritable, lethargic, exhausted, have short term memory problems and heart palpitations, nauseous, queasy, and to have prolonged head pressure and headaches.”[3]

Keeping track of these events in the dream diary along with keeping a record of the dreams themselves can be very rewarding and revealing. It is also a good idea to learn what the various symbolisms of a dream can mean. keep a record of your own intuitive understanding of what the symbols in your dreams mean to you as well as what you learn from various dream interpretation books. More often than not your own instinct as to what it could mean will be much more accurate than someone else's interpretation. The mind communicates in allegories and symbols. By learning what these mean you are also telling your mind what symbols to use when communicating.

Once you have started keeping a record you will not only find the pattern to when your dreams are more lucid but you will discover when they are more active. If you think you do not dream, you are mistaken. You merely do not remember them. Dreaming is a very necessary and healthy for one's sanity. It is the natural process of making sense of the days and weeks events.

The brain processes a lot of data. The brain collects and processes more data in one second than you are capable of being consciously aware of. often times this data shows up in our dreams resulting in us doing things we might believe we would never do in real life. It can result in also result in great stress[4]. We process smells, sounds, what we see and even what we intuit on a level one might call telepathic. We are very tuned to our environment. Not as much as we were when we were wild, mind you. But we are still very much more aware of things than we think we are. We just learn to pay attention to those things which are most important.

We do not need to process the cars that are passing by outside, but we still hear them and the brain processes this information. Think about the crickets. You hear them chirping as you chit chat with your friends and stare at the stars. They are such a constant noise that you stop paying attention to them. But as soon as they stop chirping you notice it. You instinctively know that something is approaching. If it is threatening the crickets keep quiet. If it is not then they start chirping again. Somehow the crickets know and ages of conditioning have programmed us to pay attention the change of the crickets chirp. “... consciousness is dynamic, emotional and, moreover, it greatly has helped us adapt to the environment, multiplying our chances for survival.”[5]
So what the hell does this have to do with Majyckal Ritual you ask? A lot, actually. You have heard it said that we create our own reality. Well, in order to fully grasp this you need to understand that there are basically two realities that we live with our entire lives. There is the objective reality of the physical world around us. we all experience this same reality and the same laws which govern it apply to each of us without waver.[6]

Then there is the subjective reality we all experience which does vary from individual to individual based upon our personal interpretation of events.[7] While the same rock tossed in the air is witnessed by two different persons, both will see it from different angles and it may appear to raise to a different height to each person before it falls back to the earth. The same phenomena is exhibited in the courtroom during criminal trials, two different witnesses will see the same thing but each person’s take on it means something else to them.

That still doesn’t show the correlation between majyck ritual and lucid dreaming you say? Bear with me you will get it soon enough.

Everything in your brain is a memory. We constantly live in the past at all times. There really is no “NOW”. “NOW” is so fleeting that by the time you can even finish saying the word “NOW” it is already in the past. Time is a man made construct but I will save that for another article. The point is that we live in a constant stream of experience from one second to the next. It is difficult to describe this without referring to time as an objective experience, but it has been proven that it is “relative”.[8]

All this information is recorded in your brain. Now the brain is different than the mind. They are two different things.[9] This also, is an objective vs. subjective debate in itself. Nevertheless, it functions to view them as different (dualism). It does not function to view them as the same (Monism). The reason for this is the mind/brain dichotomy/machine/soul/thing is (as has often been said) behaves like a computer. Unlike a computer it reasons and rationalizes rather than merely computes. If you tell yourself that you will fail at something then more often than not you will fail. Conversely, if you are convinced you will succeed then the general outcome is success. A computer can only do what it is programmed to do. I know there are exceptions to this do to the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence, however, suffice it for now to set the example.

So, everything in your mind is a memory. I am going to rename the mind now with aword you may have heard used in psychology. Carl Jung[10] calls it the “Psyche”.[11] The psyche is the sum total of all that you are; all that you could be; all you desire to be. It is everything you have ever experienced; all memories recalled and suppressed, pleasant and unpleasant. It is more “you” than you. It is all the good you are and all the evil you are. When you encounter this seemingly separate being from yourself it is very disorienting to say the least. Especially when you are aware that it is you. It behaves quite separately from your conscious self. Some would say it is your subconscious self. This is why you have dreams of yourself doing things you think you would never dream of doing.

I still have not made the connection you are looking for yet have I? Just hang there I am getting to it. By now you should be realizing that if what I am saying is true (and it is) then just about everything most people understand about how majyck works is completely wrong. Not everyone, mind you but most people. This is as it should be. There are people who have no business even attempting to understand this stuff. Indeed they never could and if they did it would literally drive them insane to pursue what I am leading up to. nevermind the fact that it falls under the category of the ‘occult’ which to the simple minded sheeple is ‘evil’ to begin with.

 I started out saying, “However, I have become convinced that all the majyck one performs on the material plane gets faster more tangible results if performed “there”. This is a secret I have never seen expounded on anywhere.” You may have asked yourself, “Just where is ‘there’?”. “There” is in your mind. Your brain may take up barely one cubic foot of physical space but inside your mind is a world as vast and as real as the one outside of it. This is where you need to be able to discern the difference between fantasy and reality. Fantasy is the imagination. Imagination, image, magic, magi and mage all have the same root. It is the cognitive process we call thinking personified. It is a problem solving process of reason and knowledge.

I have shown you that your dreams are made from reality and now I will show you that reality is made from dreams. Another word for a daydream is a fantasy. Everything we have ever created first started out as an idea in someone’s mind. It started out as a fantasy. Not all the fantasies we have are plausible and this is where wisdom and experience come into play. Be that as it may, fantasy and role playing are a huge part of the majyckal process. This is where “ritual” comes into play.

A ritual is not really a ritual unless it is repeated many times without much variance from the original rite it derived from. A “Rite” is a play. Think of the word “write” and you can intuit the connection. I am inclined to laugh at certain so called ‘experienced witches and wizards’ whenever they proclaim that they have written a new ritual. They don’t even know what the word means! However, it has worked its way into our lexicon with the meaning of a majyckal ceremony so I concede to its use whether I approve of the misnomer or not. But, as usual, I digress, again…

Ritual is a play. Many witches, majyckians, wizards, warlocks, witchdoctors, whatever you like to label yourself as,... many people use ritual in their Majyck. It is controlled Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for those with a ceremonial propensity. For those with a make it up as you go along it is a make believe game which is STILL MAJYCKALLY valid. In order to prove this point I need to back up a bit to what I was saying about memory and time.

We live in the past always without exception. It is a fun and romantic notion to live for the now or plan for the future, but the truth is that we live in the past. Remember I pointed out that it has been proven that time is relative. How many times have you laid down for a quick nap that may have lasted about a half an hour or so and yet you had a dream that seemed like it lasted several hours? There is no time “there”. It is all happening at once and it is all based on memories. Now here is an even more bizarre and confusing fact. Just like your Psyche / mind is more “You” than you are, your subjective dream reality is more real than objective reality. This is because you will react the way you have basically programmed yourself to, and this in turn affects objective reality. In this way you create your physical reality through your iMAGInation.

Now then, if you can induce yourself into lucidity during your dreams and perform the ritual “there” that you would perform “here” the results will be faster, more tangible and durable than if you had merely performed it on what we like to call the Physical ‘plane’. Often the results will appear to manifest like “magic” from out of seemingly nowhere.

The reality of this can be seen in a more commonly known form of majyck which is completely denied by its practitioners. This form of majyck is the simplest and most base of all majycks and often shunned by many experienced occultists merely based on what it is called. Besides it isn’t as fun as dressing up in funny clothes and putting on a play/ritual. This form of majyck is called prayer. People go to their graves swearing on its efficacy whether the understand it as begging for divine intervention or devotion. The key in this case is persistence. But this may be the subject of another paper.

In my next post i will show you how to induce the lucid state and describe to you what to expect and how to deal with it.

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